Guest Post

Some rules that will apply when writing a Guest Post for our blog.

  1. Your piece needs to be WELL-WRITTEN. We can edit your content. But are not re-writing it.
  2. No link building posts. If you’re writing blog posts as a way to generate back-links to your site or your company, forget it. Google is cracking down on that practice more and more, and we don’t want to get caught up in one of their sweeps. You should rethink that strategy anyway, because one day it’s not only going to burn you, but will burn the people where your content resides.
  3. Any links must be editorial in nature, and not anchored only to keywords. If you only link your keyword, Google doesn’t like it. If you can create editorial links that may or may not include keywords, that’s better. Think of links as citations in a college paper. If you would cite a source with a footnote, you can cite it with a link. If you link a keyword just for SEO, it’s spam.
  1. Link to Google+ profiles. We’re strong believers in Google Authorship. If you’re going to link to anything, link your name in your bio to your Google+ profile. That’s where you’re going to get the best SEO traction.  And you can link to your own website. Every other link is at our discretion. And while we’re on the subject, please use HTML code in your documents. Don’t send a Word document with hyperlinks. Otherwise we just have to dig it out and type in the code anyway.
  2. Keyword density below 2%. Basically, don’t stuff your blog posts. If your keyword density is 2% or below, that’s fine. If it’s 4 – 5 %, forget it. Best way to figure it out: # of Keywords ÷ # of Words = density. Easiest way to figure it out: 2 keywords for every 100 words (e.g. 300 words = 6 keywords; 350 words = 7 keywords).
  3. Your piece needs to be unique. The thing that killed guest posting for most people? The same articles and info graphics being submitted to dozens of places over and over again. We don’t want variations of old articles, and we definitely don’t want reprints.
  4. We’re not interested if guest posting is your job. We’re going to be jerks here. If your job is to place guest posts on all different kinds of blogs for SEO purposes, we’re not interested. We want to hear from people who are interested in facts as we are, and who can write about it. But if you want to post on our blog because your day job is to write and publish 10 – 15 blog posts per week on blogs throughout the world, save yourself the trouble. And look elsewhere!

If you agree on all above then you can actual create a Guest Post and send it us.

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